An impressive 6 new acoustic tile designs have been released by International interior finishes company Woven Image. These playful tiles are an exciting addition to the growing Woven Image EchoTile acoustic tile story.


The 4 beautiful new designs Plus, Direction, Kaleidoscope and Block are light weight, easy to install, peel & stick tile packs which use a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to stick to most surfaces. Made of Woven Image’s patented EchoPanel material each tile comprises 60% upcycled PET, sourced from recycling plants and saved from landfill.


Woven Image’s acoustic tiles provide an endless stream of design options and configurations that can be created for a number of settings and spaces. Whether it’s to create privacy or to effectively and efficiently control noise in the open-plan office, cafe, lobby, classroom or restaurant, acoustic tiles are a designer’s key for achieving the required acoustic function in a space with quality design. EchoPanel products are recorded as achieving up to an outstanding 0.85 NRC value while radiating an elegant, designer surface-finish.Plus is a 500mm x 500mm plus shaped tile, which can be rotated to form a corresponding cross motif. This wall tile is a playful take on traditional ceramic cross tiles along with the concept of hand sewn cross-stitched textiles.


Direction is a 500mm x 370mm arrow like shaped tile. Inline with on-trend wooden herringbone floors, and structured herringbone knits and weaves, Direction provides a unique interpretation of this concept. The enlarged arrow motif and fresh colour palette puts a new spin on timeless herringbone and zig zag patterns.


Both designs are large scale geometric shapes evoking a sense of simplicity and sophistication. Their forms are softened with a subtle attention to detail of a neat corner radii. When tessellated out these tiles can create fun, oversized geometric patterns as well as injecting a more subtle textural finish within interior spaces.


Kaleidoscope is a 500mm x 500mm printed multi-direction angular design, created via a series of intersecting lineal shapes reminiscent of cut glass crystal.

Block combines a simple key line square motif with subtle rounded corners evoking a digital feel in its design. It is available in the same 4 colourways as Kaleidoscope referencing directional pearlescent hues along with must-have neutrals, 500mm x 500mm square. Along with added acoustic benefits these tiles are designed for easy installation as well being extremely functional as each tile has the ability to pattern match in a multi-directional manner.

Both Groove 45 and Groove 90 are available in the full 12mm EchoPanel colour palette consisting of 20 neutral and vibrant colourways. The vee groove detail accentuates the beautiful, uniquely consistent texture and colour of Echo Tile. These grooves evenly repeat across the tiles, running diagonally on Groove 45, and parallel to the tiles edge on Groove 90.

The refined grooves are reminiscent of crystal cut glass and wood panelling. This detailing creates a 3D, embossed-like finish that will bring a textural element to otherwise flat vertical surfaces.

Groove 90 can be used to create elongated horizontal lines across the wall, or they can simply be rotated by 90 degrees to create repetitive vertical lines. Likewise Groove 45 can repeat to form a diagonally striped wall or the tiles can be rotated to create a herringbone style design.

These tiles have been designed so they can be used on their own or together. When installed side by side the vee groove accents on Groove 45 and Groove 90 will neatly meet to create a continuous lineal effect if desired. Used alone or combined the Groove story can create expansive multi-directional stripes, referencing the current directional trend for fine line geometric patterns.