Bruceshaw has completed several different car showrooms from varied brands all over the country stretching from Maidstone all the way to Glasgow, gaining a wealth of experience in this niche sector of retail.

Bruceshaw is currently on site with Volvo in Hillington, Glasgow and Jaguar/Land Rover in Staples Corner and has recently completed the MINI/BMW showroom in Worthing.

A selection of our recent projects include:

Jaguar/Land Rover

Bruceshaw has been working with Jaguar/Land Rover for many years, during which time has worked on a number of high profile developments:

  • Bruceshaw is currently on site with Jaguar in Hillington, Glasgow, which is a 29,000 ft2 dealership built on an enabled site. With 600 deep stone platforms provided, that requires a 30m deep piling solution and a building perimeter transition slab, due to poor ground conditions. The dealership requires a fire-engineered solution of fire hydrants, dry risers and additional fire lobbies to meet Scottish Building Regulations.
  • Bruceshaw is also currently on site in Belfast with the new 46,000 ft2 Jaguar/Land Rover dealership compromises a showroom building, linked by a drive through car drop-off building. The development comprises a phased demolition and enabling works package. Site constraints include piled foundations and working next to an existing culvert.
  • In Staples Corner, London, the 68-week programme which commenced July 2017 is a multi-storey Jaguar/Land Rover dealership with a roof car park deck. Site issues will be the adjacent roads and maintaining site access for an existing right of way. Fire ratings and glare issues with external glazing is also to be addressed. The procurement route is a 2-stage process and stage 2 concluded June 2017.
  • The Jaguar/Land Rover Aura 40 project, completed July 2016, compromised a landlord shell building built to the Tenant’s requirements, followed by a separate fit-out contract for the Tenant. This 2-storey dealership includes a roof car park and deck.


  • Volvo also has a new 16,000 ft2 showroom and workshop in Stockport, built to the latest VCUK Concept Specifications. The seven-month build programme commenced May 2017 after the discharge of 10 No. pre-commencement planning conditions.
  • A Volvo dealership, also in Hillington, is set to be completed in August 2017 and will be one of the new Volvo Corporate identity showrooms. The sire was leased to the purchaser to develop with completion of the sale agreement at PC. The enabled site required a 30m deep piled solution and is being built at the same time as Jaguar Hillington on the adjacent site.


  • The BMW/MINI dealership in Worthing, completed August 2016, is a 44,951 ft2 development built on a serviced site and has three separate buildings, a MINI showroom, BMW showroom and workshop/bodyshop. The external works comprised extensive drainage attenuation works.


Andrew Murray, Partner at Bruceshaw says:

“A successful car showroom is extremely important to both dealers and clients as it has a significant role in helping customers make a purchasing decision. A car being one of the most expensive purchases a person will make, an outlet must cater for a range of clients and what they are looking for.”