Unwired, in collaboration with Plow Consulting and sponsored by Teem, NFS Technology Group and Robin, produced the definitive guide to understanding which products are the best match for specific analytic use cases. The 60-page report, aimed at the heads of real estate, IT and facilities, is a guide to room booking solutions.

In this first edition, the Bytesized Guide presents a complete overview of the market, key vendors, along with an overview of digital signage and mobile applications. The Guide also has a set of over 400 robust questions put together by the experts to consider when purchasing a room booking system and building the business case for it.

Within the Bytesized guide, you can learn about latest trends in the marketplace, read the vendors profiles for the top resource scheduling solutions in the world, and to see where the experts see the industry is going over the next few years as we move to Smart Buildings with the Internet of Things.