One of the most active participants of Clerkenwell Design Week, Humanscale will be once again pulling out every stop in stock. The workplace experts are introducing 3 new products to the UK – Diffrient Smart Chair, M-Connect and Quickstand Lite. These taciturn developments in desktop workplace design enable employers to provide mindful, progressive tools for employees without refitting an entire office.

+ sculpture The Silver Thread by Mustafa & Erhan Afsarolgu in the Northborough Street showroom, built by locals Flint Fine Art

+ Talks on Tues & Wed lunchtime. Co-Working Communities: Building communities within the work environment and Wellbeing & Technology: Examining employee wellbeing in the tech revolution.

+ Humanscale Humour: laughs with Comedy Store Players on Wednesday night

+ official product launch on Wednesday evening of Diffrient Smart Chair, QuickStand Lite & M/Connect

+ ergonomics presentation by Professor Alan Hedge first thing on Thursday morning

+ private party at St Luke’s on Thursday night to close out Humanscale’s activities

For more information contact:


[email protected]