Last week we spent 2 days at MACH exhibition in Birmingham to see Bisley exhibit their new ToolStor range for the first time. The ToolStor range includes professional workshop tool cabinets, cupboards and mobile storage units, the range is perfect for businesses in manufacturing, engineering, aviation, marine, automotive & motorsport industries.

The Bisley stand looked great and was always buzzing with people wanting to discover the product and play with the brilliant engineering. Each drawer holds up to 80kg meaning throughout the show it was being proven using brave volunteers- all who were safe!


There were lots of other things going on at the show including an 1,000 mph car, MOD tanks and air turbines, plane landing wheels and some F1 cars! It was a great show to walk round and discover new things, with over 7,000 tonnes of machinery in one place, there wasn’t a dull (or quiet) moment!