The allure of the natural world is the inspiration for Woven Image’s extended colour palette with 5 new colours: dusk, mint, butter, cayenne and nutmeg. By embracing the ongoing evolution of colour and textural finishes in the built environment, these portfolio refreshments support interior designers and architects to deliver sustainable, acoustic solutions that evoke moods of relaxation and happiness through clever function and aesthetics.

The EchoPanel® 12mm colour palette is the anchor which drives this material evolution. EchoPanel® acoustic panels, which are now carbon neutral certified, remain the benchmark for innovation in sustainable, design-led interior acoustic solutions. The new palette expands to the stunning 12mm EchoPanel® precision cut designs, including Ohm, Longitude, Palace and Empire, as well as the embossed acoustic panel collection comprising Zen, Pico, Gem and Ion. These textural ranges are ideal finishes for open plan workspaces, learning environments and social settings, incorporating a functional, sensorial solution with a contemporary design aesthetic.

Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles along with Array 12mm ceiling baffles become further enhanced with an updated colour palette

Dusk captures the ethereal allure of a stunning sunset; a unique hue comprised of a subtle fusion of tones between peach and mauve. This shade embraces the ongoing evolution of pinkish tones, highlighted in fashion and interiors.

Mint shows a fresh juxtaposition of pastel style tones with a glow reminiscent of refractions of light beams from patina-style surfaces and translucent tropical waters. This provides a feeling of weightlessness within a space, evoking a mood of calm and relaxation.

Butter encapsulates the concept of wellness within workplace, education and healthcare sectors. It is a fresh positive colour, providing an elegant alternative solution to a traditional neutral palette. When utilised in the Embossed series, this comforting hue creates an unwavering desire to touch and experience these textural surfaces.

Cayenne reflects the popularity of browns, chocolates, caramels and wood tones, as we continue to embrace earthy natural hues. This provides a unique depth of colour with a warm and spicy accent.

Nutmeg completes the earthy palette, mimicking a natural oakwood tone whilst providing a rich decadent caramel hue. This versatile mid-tone allows for a creation of acoustically superior cosy interior environments and is easy to specify as an anchor colour to blend with many feature colours, including trend colours of orchid, mint and blush.

Woven Image is also launching its new digital print collection, Digital Spirit. The collection offers a refreshingly modern colour palette, printed on EchoPanel® with both muted pairings and contrasting tones. Typically seen on workstation screens, this now showcases print designs as large-scale wall installations or partitions, with the option for single or double sided printing. Digital printing offers specifiers more customisation opportunities with reduced order minimums and lead times.

With these new additions, Woven Image continues to provide enhanced acoustic solutions for a diverse range of commercial interior spaces.