Vintage playing cards offers a unique and charming range of products that blend nostalgia with functionality, through hand-made cards, framed original vintage cards, clocks and gifts, all made from individually sourced original vintage games including playing cards, bakelite dominos and 1920s parlour games.

No need to panic last minute for the perfect valentine present this year, your certain someone will fall head over heels for one of Vintage Playing Cards valentine themed gifts, whether that be a personalised card, frame, coat hook or even an adorable snoopy frame; the products provide a heartwarming aesthetic amongst practicality. The combination of handmade elements, personalised touches and a vintage aura creates a truly unique and cherished gift every valentine would die for.


Choose from a wide range of handmade cards all featuring the element of love, whether that’s the word itself, printed hearts or personalised lettering. Everybody feels special when they receive a card, but why not make it even better by giving it more thought through personalised 1920 vintage cards chosen with your desired letters.


Personalise a letter frame with vintage cards from a 1930s spelling game, to show that you have gone the extra mile for your partner. The frames are available in a range of sizes, perfect to suit anyone’s home and personalised name, phrase or special memory – perfect for your partner to hang and admire for years to come. Alternatively, Vintage Playing Cards provide premade popular phrases and expressions in a range of sizes, all ready to buy on their website.


A truly unique gift for your special someone is a framed snoopy vintage playing card showing his softer side – because who doesn’t love snoopy. This gift allows your partner to be transformed back in time to their childhood comic days – a physical beautiful and nostalgic gift.Coat Hooks

Go the extra mile with unique coat hooks that not only work for a valentine gift, but also newlyweds and anniversaries. The frames contain individual vintage cards sourced from a 1930s spelling game, laid out to spell your chosen title. Mounted into a black wooden box frame, to be easily hung around the house, with a mixture of vintage style hooks for an additional nostalgia feel.