Today Artus Air Ltd. launches a new brand to market. Artus brings a new advance in air conditioning with a unit that combines the flexibility of a fan coil unit with the low energy of a chilled beam.

Artus represents a step forward in traditional Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems and offers a more sustainable and comfortable future for buildings and their occupants. This new innovation not only transforms the way buildings are cooled and heated but can also significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed and carbon generated.

The impressive energy performance of Artus means that switching from a traditional Fan Coil Unit (FCU) to Artus has the potential to make a significant combined energy and carbon saving, translating to up to 89% on fan input power*.

Using Artus Optima, Artus’ partnering control system, the technology could deliver all of a building’s HVAC Net Zero carbon reduction target**, and reduce its regulated energy and total energy by 21% and 14% respectively***. These figures are based on trial use of Artus Optima conducted in a 10,000m2 model office.

This revolutionary new system is also a low cost solution; it arrives on site as a single component, significantly reducing the installation time. Artus negates the need for secondary ducts or grilles and is a self-access design which ensures it is easier and cheaper to maintain.

The development of HVAC transformed the way we live and work, in terms of comfort and health, yet the original systems have remained relatively unchanged for circa 30 years.

By employing advancements in mechanical and electrical technology, the designers at Artus have managed to create a product that is not only more compact and aesthetically pleasing but also offers more comfort, is quieter in use, and draught free with high precision temperature controls.

Roger Olsen, Chief Technology Officer behind the Artus innovation said:

“Artus came from a desire to have a ‘better tool for the job’ – a low energy, widely applicable HVAC system, which is easy to design, install and run.”

The modular design of Artus allows it to be combined and integrated with a range of performance enhancing features, including acoustic finishes, lighting options as well as further thermal capabilities.

Now an independent company, Artus was originally developed as part of Arup’s Ventures programme, which was set up to commercialise innovative staff ideas.