Mobile office concept My Work Booth launches at Bullring & Grand Central on 19th August, giving businesspeople on the go a quiet workspace, bookable via an app.

As smart devices have replaced the four walls of an office as the way to run a business, so there is an increasing need for somewhere to charge your laptop when the battery is low or make that important client call without being interrupted by noise. Which is where My Work Booth comes in, providing a compact soundproof room within a public space. Its inventor Neil Jenkins explains:

“I was spending all my time between appointments in cafes, looking for the nearest power point and making professional calls was impossible with all the loud music and chatter. I saw a gap in the market for a rentable quiet space where you could get some proper work done.”

The booths have charging points for mobile devices and because they are soundproof, users can sit and make confidential calls in peace. As well as individual concentrated work, it’s also possible to hold small meetings or interviews in My Work Booth, or even participate in video conferences.

Access to the space is quick and easy. After installing the My Work Booth app, users can simply select the date, time and length of their booking, with prices starting from £12 for fifteen minutes. After payment with a debit or credit card, users simply stand in front of the booth, press the unlock icon within the app then enter the booth and start working.

The inaugural My Work Booths will be located opposite Rituals and Hobbs stores in the Grand Central mall above New Street Station. Birmingham was the perfect choice as the launch location for My Work Booth, as not only is the city benefiting from billions of pounds of investment, bringing new jobs and transport facilities, but Bullring, one of its most iconic locations, has an annual footfall of 39 million people.

My Work Booths will be in situ at Bullring & Grand Central for an initial trial run of six weeks, with further locations in key UK retail hotspots planned for the future and interest in the concept coming from as far away as Canada and the United States.