In 2013, Bureo founded Chile’s first fishing net collection and recycling program, Net Positiva. Nets are cleaned, mechanically shredded and pelletised to produce Bureo’s ‘NetPlus’ material. These pellets are used to manufacture quality products such as skateboards, sunglasses and now — for the first time ever — an ergonomic task chair.

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Humanscale have collaborated with Bureo to incorporate their NetPlus materials in their Smart Ocean chair. Featuring the same timeless design and functionality as the Diffrient Smart chair, Smart Ocean offers Form-Sensing Mesh Technology to instantly adjust to and move with every unique user. There is no need for training, instructions or manual adjustments.

In addition to partnering with Bureo to protect our oceans, Humanscale is a founding partner of the Next Wave Initiative. Led by Lonely Whale, this consortium includes companies such as Dell and GM and is focused on developing a distribution web that would support the reuse and repurposing of plastic before it ever reaches the ocean.