Always on the hunt for the best in design in the corporate world, Phusei are delighted to be representing Drisag exclusively in the UK. Drisag have been inspirators since 1970, today Drisag develops and produces office furniture under its own label and in close partnership with internationally renowned designers such as Stefan Schoning, Ton Haas and Roel Vandebeek.

Drisag designs modern furniture solutions that are as flexible as today’s people and organisations, creating different ideas for meetings, brainstorming, preparing presentations and relaxation areas.


Frame 21 is the Drisag flagship showroom a 21 metre high building designed by B architects in Antwerp is located in Herentals Belgium. More than just an office and show room the 1.500m² space is also a vibrant business community of co-workers.

At all workplaces in Frame 21, Drisag furniture is used intensively every day. Furniture that can be equipped with handy tools like charging stations for smartphones and media devices. Drisag provides stylish, convenient furniture that meet the standards for healthy working.


Phusei have curated a selection of their unique products all designed to not only look beautiful but also to solve common problems of office design.


Box by Studio Segers

Box is a microarchitecture structure that allows dialogue, personal contact and isolation within a greater context. It is an acoustical structure that can stand either on its own or against a wall, perfect for open plan spaces, ideal for either a quick call or stand up meeting.

Box by Drisag


Stool by Caroline Voet – winner of Henry van de Velde Labels 2014

This Award winning stool is a new interpretation of the archetypal milking stool: a chair with a wide, shallow seat and splayed legs. The oak seat is wide and slightly curved in one direction. When you sit on it facing front, the wide seat approaches the ergonomics of a good chair. Turn ninety degrees and Stool sits more like a narrower stool. At this long side, you can also connect Stool to form a bench with a continuous curved seat.

Stool by Drisag


COB & POB by Drisag Design Team

The Common and Personal Office Box (COB & POB) is a flexible deployable storage system that can be applied in an open space work environment. The replacement of a traditional drawer the COB & POB are functional in an environment where workplaces are not personally bound and at the end of day there is a clean desk policy. A 3-in-1 solution the COB & POB both work as drawer unit, locker and bag.

COB by Drisag

POB by Drisag


Wall desk by Theo Beunen

Wall Desk is a thin and functional desk that can be hung on the wall saving space. All working needs are integrated into the sleek design including power, charging and lighting.

Wall Desk by Drisag


Tony by Heetman & Patijn

Tony is a two-legged standing floor lamp from the Dutch design brand Heetman & Patijn. Renown for giving their products their own personality and identity Tony rests on two concrete feet and has a large round lampshade. Due to its length of 2 metres Tony has imposing presence and is perfect for spacious entries.

Tony by Drisag