Team Informare was treated to a tour of the Bradford based factory of Knightsbridge Furniture last week.

For three generations Knightsbridge have been making furniture for the office, carehomes, hospitals and bespoke projects.

Their work in healthcare has made Knightsbridge industry leaders in function driven design and extremely high quality furniture build execution.

And now that expertise is coming to the fold in hospitality and the workplace. With collections of beautifully designed and made seating and tables for receptions, restaurants, boardrooms and beyond Knightsbridge look set to become a stalwart in the Brit pack of designer/manufacturers booming in the busy world of office furniture.

To find out more about Knightsbridge visit their website!

Knightsbridge use beech and oak woods to make beautifully crafted furniture for the workplace, for healthcare and for bespoke projects.

Some of the templates used to simply and efficiently mark out pieces to be cut by hand.

Freshly baked Knightsbridge chair frames!

Awaiting the next stage in the process to becoming a finishes piece of Knightsbridge furniture.

Part of the factory floor at Knightsbridge in Bradford.

A team of seamstresses work on tricky upholstery work.

A few of the many racks of upholstery materials used.